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How I became an escort - an unexpected story of a real Girl.

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This is Neha,

Today I am one the most famous Pakistani Escorts in Dubai.

I am famous. I am settled in terms of financial conditions. I live the way I like and can go to places I like.



But the things were not the same all the time I am not the one who is born a silver spoon in mouth, as they say.


I belong to a very poor family in Pakistan my mother used to wash dishes in the houses of the people, richer to our status.


My father was a farmer but had a very small land where he used to try to earn the livelihood for himself and his family. Often there have been nights when we used to sleep without food.


Escorts in Burdubai In my dreams I always wanted to make my family’s problems go away. As I was the only child I had to take care of them. But who would have thought that my life would turn to be like this.


Who would have thought that one day I will be an Escorts in Alnahda.

So as per dreams I studied a lot and tried my hands in various jobs but never succeeded. It’s not that I am not capable enough. But it’s that anywhere I go. People used to look at me in a very strange manner. Although I had experienced the same earlier too. But the time then was different and I was a teenager.

My friends and other people used to look at me and keep staring too. But I never understood why because due to my dreams of being a successful I happened to be at home most of the time and busy with my books.

I never discovered why all this was happening to me whenever I used to roam around on the streets.

Now I am successful and financially stable and many escorts in Bur Dubai feel jealous of me for my increasing popularity.

But at that time I was completely unable to get the reason for this abnormal behavior. So as I said I went to the various corporate houses and multinational companies for the sake of getting a job.

But no one ever talked to me straight about the Job. And hence me, unaware of the reason did not get the job anywhere.

I was getting frustrated as what I always wanted to do for my family was not visible to me anywhere. This constant going to the interviews and coming back with no selection made me more frustrated. Then one day I went to this interview which changed my life forever. I have never thought anything like this Would ever happen to me. Something that will make me someone else. Something that will make me a Call Girl in Dubai and make me work for an agency which will be a Provider of Dubai Escort Service.

I am sorry to cut you short but I will continue this story in my next article. Be there with me and keep calling on my no. 00971557108383 For and amazing escort service with me.

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